DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — We have more details about a pursuit by Desoto County deputies that ended with a suspect spinning out of control in Marshall County over the weekend.

The suspect, Mark Brawley, was apprehended Saturday after a pursuit started miles away in Desoto County.

“Deputy was on routine patrol. He got behind this vehicle. As soon as he got behind it, it started reckless driving, so he turned on his blue lights and attempted to stop it,” said DeSoto County Chief Deputy Justin Smith.

Smith said Brawley continued to pose a threat.

“Once you get into the area of a fresh violent felony, trying to run over a pedestrian and actually ramming into an officer, we’re pot committed. We’re gonna put you in jail,” he said.

Smith said Desoto County’s pursuit policy is normally to stop the pursuit if there is a risk to innocent civilians but as the chase entered Marshall County on two-lane Cayce Road, a Desoto deputy attempted a tactical vehicle intervention to force Brawley to lose control and stop.

“The suspect drove out of it. He avoided the intervention and the deputy stayed engaged and when he did, it was successful. He got the suspect spun out,” he said.

Michael Hardway and his friends had a front-row seat as the pursuit abruptly ended with a Desoto County cruiser going airborne and crashing into Haradway’s front yard and flower bed while avoiding civilians and their vehicles.

“I saw the car flying through the air and it went through there and tore my flower bed up, tore it up, just wrecked it,” said Hardaway.

One deputy was injured and Brawley, who Smith calls a career criminal, is off the street.

“He’s not somebody who should have even been out on the road. I don’t know how these things happen. If we could eliminate this and get these people off the road, we wouldn’t have these problems,” Smith said.

We’re told there is no dash cam or body-worn camera video available and there will be no internal investigation but “this pursuit is being reviewed and critiqued the same as any other.”

Brawley is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 22.