MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police are releasing details of a fatal accident in Cordova that left an 8-year-old boy dead and another person injured Tuesday night.

Mara Casto manages Vapor Wize in a small strip mall at Walnut Grove Road and Timber Creek. Her business is close to where a grinding two-car crash claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy and left another person injured.

“It’s very dangerous for anyone in this area,” Casto said.

The police report does not mention speed as a cause of the fatal accident, but never the less Mara Casto says she’s had her share of close calls.

“I have been almost hit multiple times by people speeding, coming down off that hill on the overpass,” she said.

Police said the crash is still under investigation but their report states the driver of a 2009 Honda Accord was attempting to turn east on Walnut Grove from the View Apartments and was struck on the passenger side by a 2016 Volkswagon Jetta headed east on Walnut Grove.

The 8-year-old and the driver in the Honda were trapped and had to be rescued. The driver was taken to Regional One and the child to Lebonheur but he did not survive his injuries.

Tuesday’s fatal crash happened about a hundred feet from where a speeding off-duty Memphis Police Officer killed two people in June of 2021.

27-year-old Antonio Marshall was reportedly going over one hundred miles per hour when he struck a vehicle and killed 42-year-old Wallace Morris and 19-year-old Travis Parham.

Marshall was charged with vehicular homicide.

“I have seen other accidents out here. I mean, it’s just, it’s crazy how fast people are going,” Casto said.

Casto believes the problem is how the speed limit changes on eastbound Walnut Grove from 55 miles per hour down to 45 for traffic passing Germantown Parkway.

“It really needs to be lower than 45 through here in my opinion,” Casto said.

According to police, the two passengers in the Volkswagon Jetta were not injured