MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New information is emerging as the owner of a popular bar is Oxford, Mississippi faces kidnapping and sexual battery charges.

Rooster’s Blues House on the Square in Oxford had not yet opened for business Wednesday afternoon. It was unclear if and when its owner, John Scott Michael, would return after being charged with kidnapping and sexual battery or what the status of the popular bar would be.

Defense attorney Steve Farese, Sr. represents Michael and would not comment on the charges against his client brought on April 12 by a young woman.

“We were notified that the young lady had filed charges. I was employed at that time and we’re in the midst of doing our investigation,” said Farese. “I’m not going to make any comments as far as his business. It’s already been defamed by the charges.”

Michael was arrested Tuesday, but attorney Farese confirms he is out on bond.

Details revealed in a Lafayette County Justice Court affidavit state Michael did “willfully, unlawfully and feloniously engage in sexual penetration with a person who was physically helpless.”

It also stated that Michael “confined or imprisoned her against her will by locking her in his office and would not let her unlock the door while she was intoxicated.”

The affidavit further states Michael “locked her inside the bedroom with himself and would not let her leave.”

Attorney Farese said despite the accusations, his client has received hundreds of calls and messages of support and he doesn’t believe the charges have any merit.

“We think at the proper time we’ll be able to show exactly what did happen how it is not a mirror image of the accusations,” said Farese.

Michael is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Lafayette County on May 8.