MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors in the Sea Isle and Colonial Acres subdivisions say two stray dogs have been terrorizing the area and have killed around two dozen cats.

Karen Derefinko said the dogs killed two cats on Sunday. She said despite numerous calls to animal control, no one has come to pick up the dangerous animals.

“We’ve given them numerous addresses where the dogs have been,” said Derefinko. “They are skinny because they’ve been left for about six months, and MAS still does not come. So, it’s a bit of a curiosity. If they are killing this many cats and they are aggressive to humans, what else has to happen for MAS to act.”

A cat owner in the Colonial Acres neighborhood said he contacted MAS in August and September after the same dogs killed two cats on his property.

Brad Wright said he even provided them with a video of the dogs attacking one of the cats.

Wright said someone from Memphis Animal Services came to his home to remove one of the dead cats but never picked up the dogs.

When we asked Memphis Animal Services about the dogs, a spokesperson said they were called Sunday but had no record of any previous calls.

Katie Pemberton said they received three calls Sunday about a black dog attacking people and other animals. Pemberton said an officer did come out but couldn’t locate the dog.

Derefinko, though, said they have been dealing with the stray dogs since August, and that animal control has asked neighbors to try to trap and hold them for them.

“These are two very aggressive dogs, and it’s very difficult for us to trap them. We had ten neighbors trying to catch them yesterday with no success because the dogs are aggressive,” said Derefinko.

Derefinko said she is afraid to run in her neighborhood, and other neighbors are carrying sticks or baseball bats.

MAS said it has put in another call for a patrol in the area and is asking citizens to call 545-COPS if they see the dogs. Derefinko said every time she has called 545-COPS about the dogs, she’s been told to call animal control.

“They get upset with you and say you need to call animal control, and then they’ll read the number to you really fast before you can write it down,” Derefinko said.

Neighbors said they don’t know the solution but don’t want a pack of dogs roaming their streets.