MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– Many neighbors are concerned about the tall grass and vacant homes in the area surrounding the abandoned home where Eliza Fletcher’s body was found.

The memorial outside of the South Memphis home where investigators discovered Eliza Fletcher grows. Angela Taylor, like many visitors from across the city who are heartbroken for the young mother’s family, stopped by to pay her respects.

“Didn’t know her personally but it still impacts us because we have kids, we have grandkids and we want the best for them and it’s just a sad, sad day,” Taylor said.

As they come by the home, they’re met not only by tragedy but a large lot of overgrown weeds next to the home. It is at least seven feet high in some areas and people in the neighborhood want it gone.

A woman who lives nearby didn’t feel comfortable being identified but said she’s been calling the city of Memphis and Shelby County nonstop about the issue. 

“I called ever since 6/23/22 on this grass over here and I can’t get nobody to respond,” she said.

She believes the tall weeds made the home at the corner of Victor and East Person a better hiding spot. 

“Cause if you coming down Person it’s hard for you to see that house,” she said.

Next door to the abandoned home are two more abandoned homes with overgrown lots.

She said the blight causes concern for the neighborhood, especially the elderly. Many people we talked to believe these neglected properties can draw crime.

“They don’t feel safe because they ain’t got no vision of what’s going on around us because the grass is so tall,” she said.

We reached out to the city of Memphis about the problem. A 311 check of the 1666 address shows a complaint of tall weeds closed on August 30, but the city said the lot next to the property is owned by Shelby County in a tax sale.

The concerned neighbor said she was told it would take 6 weeks before it could be cut when she called the county Tuesday about the issue.

“I’m going to keep calling about this grass until they come out here and cut it,” she said.

We’ve reached out to the county for more answers but, so far, have not heard back.