BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (WREG) — An Arkansas woman is being treated after she was attacked by three dogs in her own backyard Saturday.

Police aren’t giving specifics about who owned the dogs, but two of them reportedly were shot at the scene. Neighbors said they knew the victim, but she has not been officially identified by police.

“I’ve never, in the 34 years that we’ve lived here, ever thought anything like that could happen, neighbor Vivian Camp said.

Camp’s first indication of trouble in the neighborhood was the sound of gunfire.

“I was in my house and I heard these shots. I mean it’s nothing to hear couple of shots every once in a while in this area,” she said.

She had no idea that gunfire was someone shooting two of three dogs attacking her neighbor in the woman’s backyard.     

“I came outside and I could hear someone screaming and I thought someone had been shot, but it was (the victim) in her backyard screaming for help, because there was three dogs attacked her — pit bulls,” Camp said.

WREG was told a relative of the woman, who is in law enforcement, shot two dogs dead and a third was later euthanized.

Neighbors say the dogs lived next door to the victim, but Blytheville Police, who operate Animal Control, have not confirmed that.

According to Blytheville Police, officers responded to the 900 block of N. Ruddle in reference to an elderly woman being attacked by dogs. Police say the woman was transferred to Regional One in Memphis in serious condition.

The woman is a well-known resident in the neighborhood.

“I’ve talked to her a few times, just pulled in there and talked to her see her out in the yard. She’s always outside working or doing something, you know,” neighbor Mike Leathers said.

Camp said she is praying for the woman, who she said still mows her lawn at 94.

Blytheville Police have not confirmed the breed of the dogs involved or what triggered the attack. There is no word on the victim’s condition.