MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors ended up on the wrong side of the law in what police described as jousting.

Tammie Gilchrist said she is not too surprised the argument between Earl Bolton and his neighbor across Randle Street ended in blows.

“At first they were arguing back and forth with each other,” she said. “They argue all the time, daily, daily. That’s a daily thing.”

MPD said Bolton and Nora Catron were engaged in a loud yelling match early Sunday morning. Catron claims Bolton was yelling and calling her names. Gilchrist recalls Catron being armed.

“Yeah, yeah, she did have a stick,” Gilchrist said.

Catron reportedly walked across Randle Street towards Earl Bolton’s house, and Gilchrist said things escalated when Bolton armed himself as well.

“He went to his house, and he got his bat, and he went over to her house, and that’s when they started fighting,” Gilchrist said.

Court documents described the exchange of blows as a “sword-style joust with the stick and the bat in the street.” At one point, Catron allegedly struck Bolton on the side of his face causing a small scratch.

“That ain’t nothing. It ain’t nothing. He got one little band aid?” Gilchrist said.

Bolton reportedly chased Catron, striking and dislocating her ankle with his metal bat. Gilchrist believes Catron, who she said weighed only about 90 pounds, was no match for Bolton.

“He a man, and he knows he has more force behind his swings and blows than a woman,” she said.

The incident was recorded on a nearby MPD “Sky Cop” camera. Catron was hospitalized and has not been arrested. However, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Bolton remains in jail with his next scheduled court appearance set for June 13.