MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Security is on high alert after several cars were burglarized outside an IRS building in Memphis.

Like many businesses across Memphis, no location is immune to crime and that includes the Internal Revenue Service Center off Getwell Road.

Thursday, just after midnight, a group of thieves cut a hole in the fence and once they got on to the property, investigators say they burglarized at least 17 vehicles.

In a matter of minutes, several valuables were stolen from vehicles, such as an IPad and credit cards. While some of the victims were spared, it appears the thieves were able to gain entry to the vehicles by busting the windows.

It’s an outcome that Moe Ayesh knows all too well as the president of a local car shop.

“Unfortunately, this is the day we live in,” Ayesh said. “Clients reach out to us daily telling us that people shattered their window or people stole their factory wheels and they need to protect their vehicle.”

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With car break-ins becoming the most common crime in Memphis, Ayesh is recommending that folks take a hard look upgrading their security for their vehicles.

“At the end of the day, you want deter the criminals and thieves away from your vehicle anyway possible,” Ayesh said.

At his shop, 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, they offer various alarm systems for vehicles. Among the most popular item are digital sensors which can detect motion, along with if your glass is shattered, truck opened, or tires shifted.

It will cost you more than $400. Perhaps the price is out of reach for some, but Ayesh believes it’s a worthy investment for those who can afford it.

“I think this is a new era, and you definitely need to be prepared for the unexpected basically,” Ayesh said. “And you will get a piece of mind at night when your vehicle is left alone.”