MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a man who was wanted for murder was arrested after leading police on a chase in East Memphis.

The incident happened at just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday, June 2.

Memphis Police say officers spotted a Nissan Sentra with dark tinted windows driving around the neighborhood surrounding the Italian Fest. The car reportedly made “several passes” through the neighborhood, and the driver had the driver’s side window halfway down.

Memphis Police say officers thought the driver was trying to break into vehicles. Officers reportedly lost sight of the car, but later spotted it again. This time, the driver’s side window was all the way down.

According to police, the second time officers saw the car, they recognized the driver as 35-year-old Toney Polk. Polk was wanted on several felony charges, including second degree murder, attempted second degree murder, and aggravated assault.

Police say officers tried to pull Polk over as he pulled into a driveway. According to police, as officers pulled behind Polk, he drove through a yard to get away from them.

Officers reportedly chased Polk to the area of Dee Road and Marcia Road. Police say Polk got out of the car in front of a house on Marcia Road and fled on foot.

Memphis Police say officers took Polk into custody at a house on Dearing Road near Dee Road.   

Polk has been charged with driving with a suspended/cancelled license, evading arrest in an automobile, evading arrest on foot, reckless driving, and operating a car with reflective windows.