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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Multiple car crashes led to many injuries and major traffic jams across the city of Memphis Monday.

Police said the driver of a white sedan hit a pole in Whitehaven at East Raines and Boeingshire Drive just before 2 a.m. The impact was so intense, it caused the car to split in two.

The driver did not survive the crash.

Nearly five miles away and five hours later, police were called to East Shelby Drive near Getwell where three cars were involved in a collision just after 7 a.m.

Brian Pilcher was one of many drivers forced to merge while police investigated. He told us an already dangerous situation was made difficult by drivers not safely switching lanes.

“It’s not just Shelby Drive. It’s everywhere,” Pilcher said. “Pay attention to the road, quit running over folks, uh help somebody, and quit being so d*mn selfish. It ain’t all about you.”

Crews had to use emergency equipment to physically remove two people involved in the three-car pileup. Two of them were rushed away in critical condition. A juvenile was taken to Le Bonheur with a fourth person expected to be okay.

“People are driving with cell phones in their hands. Everyone has gotten so selfish, they don’t want to do anything for anyone, in a hurry to go nowhere,” Pilcher said.

A few feet away and a few minutes later, there was another crash that was believed to have been a merging accident.

This is another example of why safety on the road is everyone’s responsibility.

“We’ve all got jobs to go to, families to go to, homes, appointments. We all have things to do. Nobody’s ride is any more important than the next,” Pilcher said.

It was a busy day for police and other first responders as they were also called to Winchester and Cazassa Road where they found a vehicle flipped over onto its roof.

A utility pole and power lines were left dangling as a result. We are still working to learn the condition of the driver.