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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Shelby County deputies are investigating after multiple cars were burglarized at a Cordova steakhouse Monday night.

Guests came out of The Butcher Shop Steakhouse on Germantown Parkway at the Agricenter to find windows broken and items taken from their vehicles after deputies went into the restaurant to tell customers to come out and check their cars.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were on the scene working 12 reported vehicle break-ins.

The Butcher Shop co-owner and manager Simpson Hughes said a trio of thieves smashed into 12 vehicles within a few feet of the restaurant’s windows as customers were coming and going from the popular eatery.

A witness said four men in a black Infiniti were seen driving around the lot at the time of the break-ins.

Dennis Wolf, a Cordova resident, hadn’t heard about the break-ins in the Butcher Shop parking lot, but wasn’t too surprised that it happened.

“We have lived here for a long time and we have seen an increase in crime…shopping centers…vehicles being broken into,” he said.

It’s happening more and more and Wolf said he doesn’t want his vehicle broken into.

” I don’t leave anything valuable in it. I try to park some place where it’s light…under a light if possible if I’m in a parking lot at night,” he said.

Wolf, who has a hand gun carry permit, also realizes many ‘smash and grab” thieves are looking to steal guns. He urges gun owners to invest in a heavy duty “car vault” like the one he has.

“This is actually attached to the vehicle. If I have to leave my handgun in the car cause I can’t take it in the business…then I’ll lock it in this vault,” he said.

Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies are still gathering information at this time.

WREG will update when more information becomes available.