MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  The Shelby County Commission may soon step in as the health department becomes the latest target for crooks.

In an emergency letter sent to commissioners last week, the health department says they’ve had multiple car break-ins at the Environmental Health Bureau at Summer Avenue and Sycamore View.

In just the last few weeks, thieves have cut three holes in the chain-link fence and stolen eight catalytic converters.

Memphis police have set up a skycop camera as a deterrent until more security measures are in place.

The health department is asking the county commission for more than $250,000 dollars to install a new wrought iron fence that will stretch nearly 300 yards and fully enclose the property.

They say it’s needed to protect thousands of dollars worth of new vehicles that are set to be delivered later this month.

Commissioners are set to take up the proposal Wednesday during a committee meeting.