MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The deaths of four young children after a fire in South Memphis hits close to home for many, including for those on the frontline.

In the midst of the deadly fire, emergency calls on the scanner radio went out stating, “Apartment fire with parties trapped. 469 East Alston Avenue”.

Dozens of first responders from across Memphis rushed to the scene in South Memphis to assist with the fire.

“Engine 14, you have a car. Engine 2, you have a car,” Memphis Fire Department reported through the scanner radios.

By the time firefighters were able to get inside the apartment, four children, under the age of six, were dead.

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“We’re gonna need Memphis Police Department on this scene,” MFD said through the scanners.

MFD posted a statement on their Facebook page saying,

“Today has been an incredibly tough day for our brave first responders here in Memphis. They had to face the tragic loss of four young lives in a devastating house fire.”

This pain is not only shared by them but by the Memphis Police Department, which is now conducting its own investigation.

“This is just a tragic situation. We are thankful for the firefighters who ran in and tried to save the children and worked diligently to save their lives. We just ask the whole community to just reach out and wrap your arms around the family,” said Sgt. Louis Brownlee with Memphis Police Department. “Continue to pray for them and the first responders who made the scene. This was a tough scene to see four children lose their lives.”

As of now, no charges have been filed, according to police.