MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s back to school time, and nationwide, some school districts are opening with a deficit of teachers and scrambling to fill classrooms.

But as Toni Williams, the interim superintendent of Memphis-Shelby County Schools, toured classes on this first day of school, she said that’s not a problem for MSCS.

“There’s always an opportunity to have zero vacancies. So we are hiring on the spot. Those numbers are changing daily,” Williams said.

The school district said it hired 100 new teachers over the summer and 1,000 since the first of the year.

“As of now, we have coverage for all of our classes. We’re being innovative. Like most school districts, we’re taking an extra opportunity to invest in proximity learning virtual opportunities, but we won’t shy away to say it’s always most important to have a teacher in the classroom,” Williams said.

WREG reached out to other municipalities, and we’re waiting to hear back on the number of teachers they need. From what we are being told, most say they are ready for opening day.

But it doesn’t mean schools are not still hiring, and if you are still in the market for a teaching job, this might be your best time to apply.

“So we invested over $27 million in our teachers and compensation. So I want to take that moment to advertise and say if you want to be a teacher in Memphis-Shelby County Schools, please sign up. We are currently the highest paid,” Williams said.

Schools are doing what they can to get the leaders to help the children.

“We’re investing in their education, so you come as a specialized education assistant, then we’re going to pay for your education to be a teacher. So we are not waiting. We’re investing in our own grow your own program as well.”

Memphis-Shelby County Schools is still hiring, but they haven’t given us a number on how many more teachers they plan to hire.