MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Shelby County Schools says selection season is here for parents looking to place their children in the school of their choice.

Even though the next school year is still months away, officials say now is the time to start planning. The online application period for optional schools and general choice transfer is now open.

Stacey Davis, Senior Manager of Enrollment Registration and Attendance, says parents have the option to choose what MSCS school they want their child to attend no matter where they live in Tennessee.

“If you live in Fayette County or Tipton County, you can apply for a choice transfer. If there’s available space, your choice transfer will be granted, and you can attend Memphis Shelby County Schools,” said Davis.

The application opened Monday, and during the first two hours, they received more than 3,000 applications, according to Davis.

To Davis, it is all about giving parents the opportunity to pick schools based on their child’s unique needs. “If my child is interested in the arts, they can go online and research those schools that offer those special classes in arts or CCTE.”

Greg McCullough, Central High School’s principal, says about 300 of his students are transfers. “When they want to be somewhere, it makes them more successful, it makes them get involved which makes them better students.”

Davis says they approved more than 10,000 applications last school year, and most of those students got to attend their first choice.  While families are responsible for providing their own transportation, the district is willing to work with parents if tardiness and attendance become an issue. 

For those unsure of what school they’d like their child to attend, MSCS is hosting a “School Choice Showcase” Saturday at the Hickory Ridge Town Centre from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There, you can meet with representatives from every school in the district.

School officials say the priority window for general choice applications ends February 24th. After that, they will be processed in the order they are received as long as that school has space.