MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Shelby County School Board announced Tuesday a deal with Millington Municipal Schools to transfer ownership of Lucy Elementary School.

The process will take four years.

Millington Municipal Schools agreed to purchase the Lucy Elementary building for $3.3 million. MSCS said they will make enhancements to the facility before transferring ownership in 2027.

The deal comes one week after Memphis-Shelby County Schools completed a deal over control of three schools in Germantown.

A new state law prohibits Memphis-Shelby County Schools from operating schools within the boundaries of another district starting July 1 of next year unless there is a written agreement.

“This law has put MSCS and Lucy in a difficult situation,” said MSCS Superintendent Toni Williams. “Our teachers and families asked us to fight for their interests and that is exactly what we have done over the last few months. Through the power of community advocacy, we reached an agreement that keeps our approximately 350 Lucy students and staff united and achieving together.”