MEMPHIS, Tenn. — August 8th marks the first day of school for Memphis-Shelby County School students.

The school day will start with students stepping onto brand-new buses.

The district is partnering with First Student Transportation. Its fleet of buses are equipped with the latest safety features.

Cameras will capture drivers who run the extended stop signs.

After drivers drop everyone off, they’ll be required to activate a button at the back of the bus indicating they’ve walked the aisle and looked for kids who fell asleep.

The district says it’s fully staffed with bus drivers this year. In fact, there are extra drivers who can pick up kids who miss their bus.

As far as masks go, they are optional.

MSCS is almost fully staffed with teachers. As of late last month, instructor positions were about 96% filled. The district has had to bring some teachers out of retirement.

The start of the school year is being overseen by two deputy superintendents — Dr. Angela Whitelaw and Dr. John Barker. Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray  is on leave while an outside investigator looks into whether he violated district policy.

“We are still going on what the board said and asked us to do,” Dr. Baker said. “They said lead in this moment and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

According to divorce documents, Ray admitted to infidelity in his marriage with some who are district employees.

The board has not said how long the investigation will last, but they said the two deputy superintendents will lead until further notice.