LAMAR, Miss.– A Benton County, Mississippi woman has been waiting five weeks for the Holly Springs Utility Department to repair damage caused by a powerful storm back in April.

Stephanie Martin said that a live power line, a snapped utility pole, and a broken tree resting on the roof of her Lamar, Mississippi mobile home is causing her lots of sleepless nights.

She’s afraid all it might take is a gust of high wind in just the right spot to cause a disaster.

“This is a live wire cause this wire is providing me with electricity and my power is on. So this is my line,” she said. “This is my thing. If that tree falls the rest of the way and it nicks this hotline, and I’m in that house, what happens to me?”

Martin said this mess caused by a storm on April 13th hasn’t been repaired by the Holly Springs Utility Department, although she’s called them plenty of times.

“They just keep telling me. ‘we’ll get to ya’ when we can…we’ll get to ya’ when we can,” she said.

She said when someone did finally show up, the worker was surprised by what he saw.

“I’m gonna say eight, nine days ago the first young man came out here and he took a look at everything and he said, ‘wow, and you’re living in it?’ and I was like ‘yes sir,'” she said.

Martin said her mobile home suffered some structural damage when the tree and pole fell, but can’t tell how much roof damage there is till this debris is removed. She believes the Holly Springs Utility Department is dragging its feet.

“If you’re really having that kind of issue with getting things fixed, the least you could do is talk to me on a regular basis,” she said.

Martin said she’s just plain frustrated and scared at what could happen if this live wire isn’t moved.

“I feel like I’m living in a death trap,” she said.

We stood by and helped her reach Don Warren with HSUD to explain why the problem hasn’t been fixed yet. 

“It’s just been kind of hectic around here. We still got stuff out from the storm that we’re working on,” Warren said.

But Warren assured Martin that help is on the way.

“So our plan was to get up there probably tomorrow though and see about getting that pole off your trailer house there,” he said.

Martin said she’ll let us know if a crew shows up Tuesday.

Complaints about the Holly Springs Utility Department’s slow response to power restoration sparked an investigation by Brandon Presley, Mississippi Public Service Commissioner for the North District. Presley encouraged customers to contact his office with their concerns.