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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Proving no one is immune to crime in Memphis, a Mississippi state trooper is the latest to have his car broken into and police said thieves stole that trooper’s gun, as well as his badge and ID.

Memphis Police say someone targeted cars in the Esporta fitness parking lot in a southeast Memphis shopping center off Winchester. Two vehicles were targeted.

Two men told officers when they arrived, they found the locks on their doors popped. It’s frustrating, of course, but what’s alarming is what the thief took.

One victim told investigators after discovering his lock had been popped, he found his Glock 21.45 caliber handgun, Mississippi State Trooper badge, and Mississippi State Trooper ID were missing.

MPD said the gun and vehicle were the trooper’s personal items and did not belong to the state of Mississippi.

Detectives tracked down surveillance video showing a white Chevy Silverado pull up beside the Charger and a man getting in the car as well as another Suburban on the lot.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland has been outspoken about the problems he says come with people keeping guns in their vehicles.

“I’m pleading with people to secure their guns in their cars,” Mayor Strickland said. “If there weren’t guns in these cars, they wouldn’t be breaking in nearly as much.”
He recently told the public to cut off the supply and make sure you secure your weapon whether it’s in your car or your home.

“We had probably a couple thousand weapons stolen from cars last year. They’re not stealing guns to go hunting; they’re stealing guns to commit crimes,” Mayor Strickland said.