UPDATE: DeSoto County Schools says the bus driver was a substitute driver on that route and was back working Friday, assisting with another route.


DESOTO CO., Miss. — A DeSoto County school bus driver is on leave after she refused to let elementary school students off of her bus.

A Facebook Live by Misty Grubbs shows the moments her fifth grader Bella Gibbs and other Center Hill Elementary School students were on a bus with a driver who was not opening the door to release the students.

Throughout the video, you can see kids begin to be pulled off the bus through windows, crying, screaming, and looking for their parents.

Thursday, Grubbs says Bella was dropped off at school. Her family and many others are left with unanswered questions.

“Why did the bus sit there for 40 minutes with children on it and it’s so hot?” Grubbs said.

Grubbs says her daughter told her the driver pulled over and refused to drive after asking a student to give the driver her phone and the student refused.

Anna Marie Tyler’s children, who are in kindergarten and second grade, were also on the bus and were supposed to be dropped off in the back of the neighborhood.

“You just want your kids to be safe,” Tyler said. “They were celebrating and got to wear pajamas, so they were on that hot bus in their fleece pajamas.”

In a statement to WREG, DeSoto County Schools says the bus driver is on administrative leave and she was a substitute driver. Now, a new driver has been assigned to the route for the rest of the school year.