MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you have been trying to get to the Memphis Police Department’s website, you may have noticed something different.

The Memphis Police Department’s website, touting all things MPD, now greets visitors with an error message saying “The site you’re looking for couldn’t be found.”

Someone on social media got that message and asked WREG what it was about. MPD told us has been down for maintenance since Tuesday.

An archive social media search shows the website was last active as late as Tuesday afternoon, but the error message showed up by Wednesday morning and has continued into Thursday.

MPD said server maintenance is periodically done throughout the year by the webmaster as well as website, content, software, and plugin updates.

We asked MPD if detectives were having trouble getting files because of the site being down. They said the Memphis Police Department does not store case files on its website.

At a time when MPD is already under intense scrutiny, it’s left some asking questions such as is this just a coincidence or a sign of more problems.

MPD said all websites require maintenance, so this is not uncommon.

The Memphis Police Department said the website being down is not affecting police business. They said it will be back up as soon as maintenance is complete.

Meanwhile, the public can also visit the police department’s page on the City of Memphis website to access information and phone numbers.