MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two people are facing charges after they allegedly used IDs belonging to AT&T account holders to purchase Apple Products in their name.

According to Memphis Police, a Regional Loss Prevention Manager at an AT&T store reported that a woman, Tasia Anderson, was trying to buy iPhones fraudulently. Anderson was accompanied by Brandon Freeman.

MPD says they both visited numerous stores in Memphis.

Tasia Anderson allegedly committed the following thefts:
On March 22, at the AT&T store on Stage Road, Anderson reportedly tried to buy three iPhone 14 Pro Max phones valued at $3,599. She used an account holder’s name, but the transaction was denied.

On March 22, Anderson went to the AT&T store on Poplar Avenue. According to reports, she successfully obtained three iPhone 14 Pro Max phones under the same account that was denied earlier in the day. The total was $3,799 due to one being of higher storage.

On March 23, at the Germantown Parkway location, Anderson tried to get three iPhone 14 Pro Max phones. MPD says Anderson used a Pennsylvania driver’s license with an AT&T account holder’s name. The ID was found on her by detectives.

Tasia Anderson was charged with Criminal Impersonation, two counts of Identity Theft, Theft of Property $2,500-$10,000 and Attempted Theft of Property $2,500-$10,000.

Brandon Freeman allegedly committed the following thefts:
On March 22, Freeman went to the AT&T store on North Germantown Parkway. Police say he fraudulently obtained an iPad Pro valued at $1,399. He used a Michigan driver’s license with a name belonging to an AT&T account holder. He paid for it with a debit card.

On March 22, Freeman made two transactions, according to police. Using an ID belonging to an account holder, he bought an iPhone 14 Pro Max. It cost $1,399, and Freeman used $136.50 in cash to purchase it. He bought another iPhone valued at $2,399. He used $300 in cash to pay for it.

Brandon Freeman was charged with two counts of Identity Theft and Theft of Property $2,500-$10,000.

Both suspects are set to appear in court Friday morning.