MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis Police cruiser went up in flames at a Whitehaven apartment complex Tuesday, but managers say there is still a mess left behind.

No one was injured, and police haven’t said what caused the fire.

See video of the fire

These pictures show the charred aftermath of the cruiser, left in the parking lot of the Winbranch Complex.

Walter Cleaves is the agent manager at the Winbranch Complex, an Apartments Near Me brand community in Whitehaven. He said it was pretty unusual when the car caught on fire Tuesday evening.

“Being that it’s a quiet community and not much happens here,” Cleaves said. “It did strike me as odd. Normally cars just don’t catch on fire like that.”

Now, there’s another issue at hand. The car is gone, but there is debris left behind from the fire, including pieces of glass.

“I thought they would’ve did a better job of cleaning up behind themselves, being that we have a good relationship with MPD officers when they come out to assist,” Cleaves said. “They do a very good job so that’s kinda like, out of the ordinary.”

Cleaves hopes something can be done to get the problem cleaned up.

“Well we didn’t cause the issue, you know what I mean? It’s like respect. We want them to have respect for what we’re doing and what the residents here are doing,” he said.

We sent Memphis Police pictures of the debris. They said thanks for bringing it to their attention and they would have someone go by the complex to discuss the issue.

The apartment complex owner told us MPD came by and told him it was the tow company’s responsibility to clean up the mess, so he will open up a claim with the city on Thursday.