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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police need your help finding a woman who has been missing for several months.

32-year-old Mary Jackson is a former University of Memphis basketball player, was in the real estate business and most recently worked at FedEx.

Her father James Jackson said this is unusual behavior for his daughter. Jackson said he hasn’t heard from her in eight months.

“I just hope she didn’t get involved with the wrong people,” Jackson said. “While I’m praying that nothing bad has happened to her, I don’t know and that’s just the fear.”

Her sister Marie Martin said she randomly ran into her sister about 4 months ago while she was living in an apartment complex on South Front Street. However, police said they don’t believe she’s lived there since July 2020.

“Me and my daughter ran into her and we were talking to her for a little minute…like I said nothing was out weird causing alarm so we talked for a minute and had a couple drinks,” she said.

Weeks later, she says communication stopped on all platforms. Her family says she is a former University of Memphis basketball player and would sometimes go overseas to play.

But a huge red flag was Jackson not even responding to her niece.

“At first I was like Mary just out doing her you know, we gone hear from her but the fact she ain’t contacted nobody that’s what’s making it critical,” Martin said.

Jackson said he became alarmed after getting a call from a prosecutor about her needing to be present for a trial surrounding an abduction and assault case.

“At that point I kind of got worried like wait a minute, so I mean apparently, she had been talking to the prosecutors regarding this matter and all of a sudden for her to disappear,” he said. “It’s a little concerning.”

Martin is praying for her big sister Mary Jackson’s safe return.

“You don’t think it would happen to you,” she said. “I just hope we find my sister and she’s returned to people that really love her.”

Family says Mary could possibly be in the Atlanta area. Some of her family is traveling here to Memphis to have several search parties starting Friday.

If you have any information on Jackson’s whereabouts, you are urged to call Missing Persons at 901-545-COPS.