MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This weekend was especially violent as police reported dozens of assaults which included several shootings.

It’s an issue on the rise.

It’s also a tiny word with a tremendous burden on everyone from city leaders to everyday citizens.

We are talking crime, as it’s something many of you are discussing as well.

“I’m a mom, I have three teenage boys,” April Williams said. “It’s hard to keep them safe.”

This is personal for April Williams. The Memphis mother knows her three boys, want to get out to enjoy the summer break.

However, knowing there was chaos across the city, Williams is being extra guarded.

Rightfully so, from Friday into Monday morning MPD responded to one homicide and 69 aggravated assaults. That is nearly one assault per hour.

The Mayor wrote in his weekly address that 25 years ago it was unusual to arrest someone with a gun.

Sadly, it is now routine.

MPD Chief CJ Davis says the summer is the busiest for officers due to the fact school is out along with more people being outside.

What has become unsightly is seeing the violence spilling into our streets. So, you can understand why parents like April Williams are even more concerned that more and more violence is moving in with no signs of it moving out.

“It hurts that we actually have to try and leave the city to enjoy ourselves,” Williams said.