MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police and community members are warning others about the dangers on the road after at least two pedestrians were struck and killed.

Kneeling near the busy intersection of East Parkway North and Sam Cooper Boulevard, Joseph Matthews honored the life of the pedestrian killed outside his apartment overnight with flowers.

“That person had a family. That person had a mom, and I felt like they deserved more respect than just laying out there in the rain,” Matthews said.

Police say 30-year-old Andreka Ramsey died early Wednesday after midnight while trying to cross the road.

“I heard someone screaming, yelling ‘Oh My God,’ yelling for someone to stop,” Matthews said.

The driver, 35-year-old Cherance King, stayed on the scene. He’s now charged with not having a driver’s license and financial responsibility.

“And I honestly felt bad for that guy because, from what I assume, that mostly was a mistake. Now he’s also going to pay the consequences,” Matthews said.

Hours earlier, police say a man was hit by two cars that fled the scene at Union Avenue and Kimbrough Place. He later died at the hospital.

Colonel Marcus Worthy, who is over MPD’s traffic division, said so far this year, 14 pedestrians have died. Last year, there were 85 pedestrian fatalities.

“If you have to ask yourself can you make it across that street then don’t go,” Worthy said.

Worthy said the increased presence of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the city’s new plan to roll out LED lights will make the streets safer.

“The older lights, they are not as bright. That’s why I say if you’re going to cross the street, cross the street under the light, preferably cross at the intersection,” he said.

As for distracted and reckless drivers, he wants Memphis to Slow Down and Move Over.

“It’s not just slow down for police and fire, it’s slow down for everybody,” Worthy said.

Other tips from Colonel Worthy include wearing bright or reflective clothing and using the crosswalk.