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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Memphis police officer and three others were hurt in a car crash Thursday night.

The crash happened at East Person Avenue and Elvis Presley Boulevard in South Memphis just before midnight when the MPD officer ran a red light and crashed into a white Infiniti.

The officer involved, the driver of the Infiniti and two passengers were all taken to area hospitals in non-critical condition, police say.

Both cars were severely damaged and the airbags in both cars deployed.

The second vehicle driver Anthony Pogue was arrested on the scene and currently being medically cleared. Police say he had a revoked license and no proof of insurance.

The officer was issued a citation for disregarding a red light.

WREG spoke to Angela Nelson, who says her son, 31-year-old Toriano Green, was also riding in the car hit by the MPD officer. She says Green was riding in the passenger seat while a friend was driving.

“My son has a broken shoulder. His bone is out his elbow. He has a broken hip,” Nelson said.

Nelson says despite all of his injuries, her son is going to be ok. He is recovering at Regional Medical Center. Now, this mother says she has a lot of questions that she wants answered.

“He just said, they proceeded through the green light, police came out of nowhere speeding fast, and hit him,” Nelson said. “No sirens. No lights on.”

She stated her son and the Pogue are both security guards. She couldn’t recall whether he was going to or leaving work at the time of the crash.

“He said the police came out of nowhere and popped us,” Nelson said.