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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One person is in custody and two suspects are still on the run after an MPD squad car was shot at during a police chase on Monday morning.

A wild night started with three men trying to steal tires from a car dealership and ended with shots fired, a police chase, and then a crash.

Memphis police say they were called to the Chrysler dealership on Covington Pike around 4 a.m. on Monday.

A representative for the store says motion cameras picked up movement after hours and police were called. He says investigators saw thieves trying to steal tires off cars.

MPD says the suspects got away but not before firing shots at investigators.

The dealership is located in Northeast Memphis, nearly 15 miles away from where the police chase ended with a crash in South Memphis.

An MPD officer and a member of the Shelby county Gang Unit were chasing the suspects when they were involved in a wreck at the corner of Hernando Road and Person Avenue.

A few moments later, the suspect crashed into a pole about half a mile away on Chestnut and Cherokee.

Cherokee and Chestnut

No injuries have been reported.

Police took one suspect into custody at the scene but the remaining suspects managed to get away.

We are working to get updates, and if police have any additional information on the other suspects.

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