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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis Police officer accused of killing two people in a horrific high-speed crash on Walnut Grove last Friday was suspended by MPD after a call last year, records show.

Antonio Marshall is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and was relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation into the deaths of two cousins. Marshall started working for MPD in June 2019.

Wednesday, he appeared in court in a wheelchair. He was released by a judge.

Investigators says he was traveling 99 mph in his car while off-duty when he slammed into a Pontiac turning into traffic. Officers say seconds before the crash, Marshall was driving as fast as 114 mph, when the speed limit is just 45.

We found out he was summoned to Internal Affairs in September after responding to a shots fired call.

According the records, he tried to pull someone over. The driver refused to stop and Marshall pursued the car for one minute and eight seconds, even though it is against policy, the records state.

Marshall then went back to the scene of the shooting and found “multiple shell casings and a vehicle that was possibly stuck by gunfire.” But Internal Affairs said he did not collect or tag the evidence or let anyone know.

He also never activated his body camera. Marshall explained he was misinformed on policy, and that during training, “there were times when his training partners did not document some shooting calls where there was not a victim.”

As for his body cam, he “simply forgot to activate it.”

Marshall was suspended for three days earlier this year.

Prior to working for Memphis Police, Marshall was in the military. He’s due back in court Aug. 2.