MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a teenager is facing weapons charges after he was caught trying to sneak onto Beale Street with two handguns.

Officers patrolling the area said they saw Jamarion Gill, 18, jump a fence to enter Beale Street near BB King. They said Gill appeared to be attempting to avoid the entrance gate where patrons are wanded with a metal detector.

Police said their detectives were able to find Gill and frisk him, and that’s when they found the weapons in the front waistband of his pants. The guns did not appear to be stolen.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed on Beale Street. “No firearms allowed” signs are posted on all the entrances to the Beale Street area.

Police patrol Beale Street

Last month a street vendor and patron were hurt in a shooting on Beale Street. Police said a customer got into a fight with the vendor before he pulled out a gun and opened fire. The alleged shooter was arrested.

Gill was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, and weapon prohibited. Both are misdemeanor charges.

Gill was released on his own recognizance.