MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing charges after he admitted to putting an AirTag in his ex’s car to stalk her, Memphis Police say.

The victim told officers that her husband, Carlos Atkins, who she’d left a month ago, had been following her. As a result, she moved in with family members.

On Monday, the victim stated that Atkins had followed her from a restaurant in Mississippi to her sister’s home in Memphis. She called Atkins’ daughter and asked her to tell him to leave her alone.

Atkins then called the victim using her nephew’s phone and admitted that he had been following her. The victim told Atkins that she found an AirTag in her car, and he confessed to putting it there.

The victim also told MPD about other things Atkins had done. According to her, when she first moved in with her brother, Atkins came to his home and left roses on her vehicle.

Atkins also allegedly popped up at her sister’s house and told the victim that he wanted to see the kids.

The victim identified Atkins from a photo identification form, and he was charged with stalking and the electronic tracking of a motor vehicle. He is set to appear in court Thursday morning.