MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is charged with beating up his sister and his girlfriend, kidnapping her son, and threatening to throw the child in the Mississippi River.

According to officials, on April 4, the victim reported to police that she woke up to her boyfriend Quinturi Christian standing over her, saying he was going to kill his brother over an argument.

This led to Cristian arguing with the victim, grabbing her face, and hitting her in the head with his fist, reports state. Cristian grabbed his gun and hit her in the head with it after she tried to defend herself by punching him in the nose, causing him to bleed.

The suspect then grabbed the victim’s 1-year-old son and left the scene in their 2016 gray Dodge Charger, threatening to throw him in the Mississippi River if she called the police.

The victim got a ride to Midtown, where Christian had taken her son, and was able to get him back before he started to pursue them again.

Reports state Christian got in the car and followed the victim down the street, threatening to shoot her with what appeared to be a gun he used earlier to hit her. He told the victim and the person who gave her a ride to give the child back to him.

He then got the child back and drove away.

While the victim was at the police station to file a report, Christian called her several times stating he was going to kill her son and then go on a mass shooting spree.

Officers were able to contact Christian by phone and get the victim’s son back, unharmed.

Photos were taken by police of the victim’s black eye and bruise on the left side of her face due to the alleged assault from Christian.

Also on April 4, officials say they responded to an aggravated assault/domestic violence call in Midtown where the victim stated her brother, Quinturi Christian, told her he was going to kill her.

Reports say Christian punched his sister in the face with his fist and hit her in the head numerous times with a ceramic coffee mug, breaking it over her head.

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The victim had to be treated at Regional One Hospital for severe cuts, totaling 30 stitches.

Officers linked Christian as the victim’s brother from a previous report and were able to make contact with him over the phone.

Christian identified himself to officers.

He is being charged with Possession of a Firearm/Dangerous Felony, Aggravated Kidnapping, and two counts of Aggravated Assault.