MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a Millington man used a fake check and a fake wire transfer to steal pricey vehicles from two dealerships just days apart.

Robert Allen, 24, was arrested six months after investigators said he fraudulently purchased a $54,000 F-150 from Wolfchase Toyota on North Germantown Parkway and a nearly $70,000 Chevy Corvette from Jim Keras on Covington Pike.

Tuesday, he was booked in the Shelby County Jail on charges of forgery, identity theft, and theft of property.

Wolfchase Toyota said on May 18, a salesman delivered the 2019 F-150 to Allen at an area restaurant and returned to the dealership with a $54,494.76 check that turned out to be fake.

Investigators said two days later, Allen drove to Jim Keras in the stolen F-150, left it there, and drove off in the 2018 Corvette.

Jim Keras said Allen agreed to the purchase price of the Corvette and showed a salesperson a screenshot of a wire transfer verification from Wells Fargo for $69,811.11. The wire transfer also turned out to be fraudulent.

A manager at Jim Keras didn’t want to be identified but said police found the Corvette at home belonging to one of Allen’s relatives.

“He posted videos on social media of him in the car with his daughter,” said the manager. “It was sad.”

Court records show in 2020, Allen was charged once with forgery and three times with passing bad checks.

Allen is being held on a $150,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on December 21.