MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly brought a gun and threatened to kill his manager after he was fired.

On January 18, a store manager told police that an employee, Prentiss Martin, entered the business to pick up his paycheck. After giving it to him, she told him that he’d been let go.

According to reports, Martin became angry and started making verbal threats to the manager. A witness got involved and physically removed Martin from the business.

Martin allegedly walked to a vehicle and reached underneath the front passenger seat. The witness said Martin put a handgun in his waistband and walked back to the business.

Armed with the weapon, MPD says Martin told his manager that he would kill her. The same witness physically removed Martin from the business again.

The manager applied for a temporary restraining order. The entire incident was captured on surveillance.

Prentiss Martin was charged with aggravated assault. He is set to appear in court Tuesday morning.