MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A driver is recovering after being chased, beaten, stripped of his clothing, and robbed Saturday morning in the airport area.

The victim told police he was eastbound on American Way when a Gray Ford Focus and a silver vehicle boxed him in at a traffic light.

He said two men with guns got out of the silver car, hit him on the head with the weapons, pulled him out of his vehicle, and demanded he give them everything in his pockets.

The victim said he ran into the Garden Inn & Suites in the 3400 block of American Way, and the two assailants followed him. He said they assaulted him again, made him empty his pockets, and left with $500 and his Nissan Versa.

The victim’s mother said her son told her he was beaten on the head with a gun before being forced to remove his clothes.

3400 block of American Way (Photo by Melissa Moon, WREG)
Photo by Melissa Moon, WREG

“All the way to the drawers,” she said. “He’s doing better.”

Police said they got footage of the incident inside the hotel and located the stolen Nissan a day later in the 2800 block of Mendenhall.

Investigators said 33-year-old Rico Jackson and 35-year-old Adrian Towner were arrested after they tried to run from officers in the car and crashed into another vehicle at Ridgeway and 385.

Both were charged with theft of property. Towner also faces charges of reckless driving, intentionally evading arrest, and driving with a suspended license. Police said Towner was behind the wheel when they wrecked.

Towner and Jackson are scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.