MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man assaulted an officer who responded to his car accident in Grahamwood, Memphis Police say.

According to reports, on Wednesday, officers were dispatched to an accident on Sam Cooper near Graham. Once on the scene, an officer began to investigate the accident.

The officer saw that the two people involved were arguing with Memphis Fire Department personnel. The officer began to investigate the possibility of the car being stolen, police say.

Records show one of the people in the wreck, Carlos Todd, refused to identify himself and started threatening the officer. Todd started backing away, and the officer tried to detain him.

Todd then tried to punch the officer and was able to get away. He ran into oncoming traffic, and the officer chased him and fell, injuring his right leg, MPD says. The officer eventually detained Todd, and he was taken into custody.

Todd was charged with assault on first responder, disorderly conduct, evading arrest, obstruct highway or passageway and resisting official detention. He is set to appear in court Thursday morning.