MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating a break-in at a City Gear located in South Memphis.

According to reports, the incident happened Monday morning in the 1700 block of South Third Street. Three vehicles and a box truck backed into the side of the business.

The suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction. The manager arrived on the scene, but it is unknown how much merchandise was stolen.

This is the second time this City Gear location has been broken into within a week. Last Thursday, thieves stole $7,000 in Jordans and $3,000 in clothes.

Memphis Police tell us they are not sure if the same group is responsible for this crime.

Smash-and-grab robbers hit the City Gear in Parkway Village in October. MPD says numerous clothing items were stolen.

In June, Memphis Police created ‘Operation Broken Bottles’ to address the surge in burglaries targeting liquor stores, clothing outlets, cell phone retailers and smoke shops.

According to the data hub, there have been 2,006 business burglaries so far this year compared to the 1,750 committed last year.