MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Four people were arrested after Memphis police say they kidnapped a mother and her child and began sex trafficking the mother.

Court documents say Saturday officers were called to a Motel on South Third Street. When they arrived, they found a woman who told them that she and her infant daughter were at another hotel when the four suspects allegedly forced their way into her room.

The suspects were later identified as Quintarius White, Kierra Clark, Monisha Nelson, and Treasure Akins.

She told police Clark, Nelson, and Akins attacked her while White stood by. According to police, the mother and child were then taken to another hotel, and the mother was forced into prostitution.

The victim told police after arriving at the other motel, she was forced to have sex for money that was given to White. After it was over, she was able to contact a friend who called the police.

When officers arrived, they searched multiple rooms and found all four suspects, the money that was paid for the sex act, and a handgun.

Nelson and Akins admitted to being there but said they witnessed beating and kidnapping but did not take part. Clark and White denied any involvement.

Police records also show while on the scene, another woman walked up to officers and told them she had been approached by Atkins the week before and she attempted to recruit her into prostitution.

She said after she declined, she was beaten by Akins and Clark and forced to have sex for money that was then given to White.

Both denied any involvement in that incident. However, Clark told police, White provides security for prostitutes and she had collected from the victim on at least two occasions.

White also faces aggravated assault charges in connection to a third incident at the same hotel where he allegedly pistol-whipped a woman and had two unknown women attack her after she refused to drive him to Tupelo, Mississippi.

Statistics from the Memphis Police data hub say there have been 64 kidnappings in Memphis so far this year.

All four suspects face charges of aggravated kidnapping and trafficking for commercial sex act.