MEMPHIS, Tenn. — City officials are cracking down on drag racing and reckless driving.

Memphis Police presented to City Council members Tuesday about what is happening in the streets of the Bluff City. WREG spoke with an MPD leader about what’s being done to curb reckless driving.

Paul Wright, a deputy chief with MPD, told city council members that over the past three years enforcement of drag racing and reckless driving across the city’s nine precincts has gone up.

“I would say to individuals out there, we’re still out there. The police department is still working hard,” Wright said. “We’re still using different tactics to try to take down different individuals involved in these reckless acts.”

He acknowledged one of the big challenges facing officers.

“Social media it seems to be the driving factor with a lot of these events that you see happen,” Wright said. “Mostly on the weekends. When you’re dealing with hundreds of cars coming into certain areas.”

He said it’s an issue happening across the country. Locally, officers here are trying to get ahead of it. Station commanders are working together along with the SCORPION unit.

“A lot of these individuals that are coming in, they’re out of towners from Mississippi, Arkansas, we see them from all over,” Wright said. “It’s a massive intake of individuals coming and doing these things. So we have to get better with laws, fines that we put out there, arrests, seizure of cars.”

The public can help. He urges people to contact their local precinct and talk with the local precinct commander if you hear or see issues.

“This is a good opportunity for you as a citizen if you really want to get involved go to your community meetings with your precinct,” Wright said.

You can also contact Memphis Police at 901-545-COPS(2677).