MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With four months to go before the end of 2023, Memphis has seen almost as many murders this year as in all of 2022.

  • So far this year, Memphis has recorded 265 homicides with 220 classified as murders.
  • This time last year, there had been 191 homicides, with 158 classified as murders. The year ended with 237 murders in total — meaning the city is about to eclipse last year’s numbers.

Auto thefts are also approaching last year’s total. The numbers, which came from the Memphis Police Department on Monday, suggest crime may again be on the increase.

  • So far in 2023, there have been 10,943 auto thefts and attempted auto thefts.
  • That’s getting close to 2022’s year-end total of 11,193 auto thefts and attempted auto thefts.

Memphis set a record for murders in 2021, with 304 recorded. That broke the record of 290 set in 2020. There was a brief dip in 2022.