MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Police say a man tried to stab a Memphis police officer with a fixed-blade knife outside a Frayser gas station Sunday afternoon.

MPD said the female officer had just removed Sedrick Steele from the EZ Express store on Dellwood when he threw the officer against the storefront window and pulled out a knife.

Police said in the store’s surveillance window, you can see Steele take the knife from his right pocket and attempt to stab the officer three times but could not get through the officer’s bulletproof vest.

They said the video also showed Steele putting the knife back in his pocket before other officers arrived on the scene to help take him into custody.

EZ Express surveillance video

Someone inside the store called police and said Steele was threatening him with guns, knives, and a hand grenade.

Officers said Steele was carrying three knives, two with fixed blades and one folding knife. They did find any other weapons on him.

James Goodman visits EZ Express on Dellwood Avenue a few times a week. Like many others at the store, Goodman is relieved no one was seriously hurt.

“That could have ended up with death. That could have ended up with a murder,” he said. “I am thankful beyond measure because anyone can do better, and anyone can be rehabilitated, but you can’t bring anyone back.”

Steele is scheduled to go before a judge on Tuesday.