MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a 97-year-old woman had deep gashes to her leg after her granddaughter kicked her repeatedly while she was in bed.

Stacie Denton, 40, was charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult and domestic assault following the incident at the home on Grove Park Road a week ago.

Police said Denton came home drunk, went into her grandmother’s room, and accused her of causing trouble. The grandmother said Denton began shaking her and kicked her while wearing dark-colored shoes.

The grandmother was able to run to a neighbor, who called the police and paramedics. Investigators said the victim had five-inch lacerations on her lower left leg with fatty tissue exposed.

“I’ve been through World War II, the Great Depression, and everything in between, but this is the worst I’ve ever been through,” said the grandmother.

Police said doctors at Baptist East could not suture the victim’s wounds because her skin was too fragile.

Denton is scheduled to be in court on Wednesday.

Melanie Keller is the CEO of Meritan. One of the services they provide is help for the elderly. We talked to her about elder abuse.

“It happens more than people think. It happens in all zip codes throughout our county, throughout the country,” she said. “It’s very underreported, statistics show anywhere between one and ten and one in 14 cases of elder abuse actually ever get reported.”

Chassity Taylor, the Elder Care Coordinator with the Family Safety Center, talked about things to look out for when it comes to abuse. She says to listen to elders and what they say is going on with them. 

“Don’t discount what they’re saying because of memory impairment or forgetfulness, watch out for indicators, look at their physical appearance, if they’re starting to have more bruising or they’re starting to go to the emergency room more often,” Taylor said. “It’s usually a loved one, a daughter, a son, someone they trust, someone they love. So oftentimes seniors do not want to get that person in trouble.”

Keller also encourages people to speak out when they are concerned about the elder.

“When in doubt, I always say speak out. It’s not up to you to be that detective and figure out exactly what is going on but if you have suspicions or concerns you know go with your gut, make that phone call.”

It’s also part of Tennessee state law to report abuse if you think it’s happening.


  • Adult Protective Services – 1-888-277-8366
  • Visit the Family Safety Center website or call 901-222-4400
  • Visit the Meritan website or call 901-472-7234