MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 18-year-old was arrested on Wednesday after being accused of shooting a man at a gas station in Nutbush over the summer.

According to the Memphis Police Department, on July 5, officers responded to a shooting call at a gas station on the corner of Macon Road and Wells Station Road. The victim stated he was shot up the street at Z Best Market gas station.

Police say after the victim drove into the Z Best Market parking lot, someone driving in a black Infiniti started shooting at him in his vehicle.

That’s when the victim said he drove to another gas station for help, according to reports. He was shot multiple times and was taken to Regional One Hospital in critical condition.

Investigators say they got video footage at Z Best Market showing a person with a mask on driving a black Infiniti shoot into the victim’s car.

Reports state that the victim gave a statement claiming 18-year-old Cristian Arteaga was responsible for the shooting due to a dispute between him and his younger brother.

Investigators say they got video footage from near the location, which shows Arteaga driving the black Infiniti responsible for the shooting. Arteaga also had a gun and wore the same clothes as the shooter in the video.

On September 6, officers found Arteaga, and he admitted to shooting the victim.

Arteaga is charged with Criminal Attempt-Second Degree Murder, Possession of Firearm/Commission of Felony, and Vandalism.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.