MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two Memphis mothers want answers after a fight broke out at a high school, and they say the mother of one of the teenagers also got involved in the brawl.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools told us Wednesday there’s an investigation following a fight that broke out in the halls of Hamilton High. According to a police report, a school resource officer told investigators the fight was between students and a parent. 

Keyerika Weddington said her 17-year-old daughter was involved. She was shocked and told us the mother of one of the teens in the fight also attacked her. 

“I was very upset, I was very upset. Because I’m like ‘wow, really,” Weddington said. “It takes us parents to come together and resolve this instead of getting into the teenagers fighting and getting yourself in trouble.”

Weddington and mom, Samantha Henderson, whose daughter was also in the chaos, said the mother made it inside campus because they were told she was planning to transfer her child when the brawl broke out in a hallway as the students were changing classes.

“I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed as a parent,” Henderson said.

According to police, pepper spray had to be used to break up the fight. Now, the mothers are questioning security.

“It just scares me right now,” said Weddington.

“There should always be somebody at the door,” said Henderson.

The women say while their daughters have been suspended, they want the mother involved to be held accountable but they haven’t heard from officials. 

“I’m reaching out over the news so I can get some answers,” Weddington said. “They haven’t reached out, they haven’t checked on my child or anything.”

MSCS told us this is an ongoing investigation and the district doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations.