MEMPHIS, Tenn.–A teen was charged after snatching a young woman’s car keys inside a Hickory Hill beauty supply store.

Surveillance video shows the teen snatching her keys while she was inside Beauty Plaza Tuesday afternoon. You can see store clerk Litita Johnson running behind the suspect followed by the store owners.

“I told him to give her keys back and he said he not gone give her a MFn thing back and he looked her dead in her face. It’s just scary,” Johnson said.

According to the victim’s mother, the victim was visiting from college when three teens followed her into the store.

One of the teens snatched the keys to her 2017 Hyundai Sonata as she was checking out.

“She was telling me ‘Ma, they trying to take my car. They trying to take my car. He took my keys,'” her mother said. “I guess they figured because she is a small petite young lady she’s an easy take.”

But things weren’t so easy. Another surveillance video shows the teen running away as several people chased him. The victim blocked her car door while the store owner chased the suspect with a stool.

“He ran multiple times around the car. He even opened up the passenger door and he wouldn’t stop,” Johnson said.

Johnson said another customer blocked in the car and followed the 16-year-old suspect into the county where he was detained by a deputy.

She said the teens were outside selling bottles of water and candy to customers 20 minutes before the theft.

“I had actually told them I was glad they were out there selling waters and trying to get by instead of out there doing things they shouldn’t be doing,” Johnson said.

The victim’s mother said she’s even donated to the suspects.

“Being that I am often giving them money it makes me very leery about helping people,” she said.

She is thankful that her daughter’s keys were returned and she was unharmed but she is warning shoppers to be aware of their surroundings.

“Before you even get out of the car look around check your surroundings, make sure no one is following you,” she said.

MPD said the teen is charged with robbery. It’s unclear if the other teens will face any charges.