MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teen has been charged with two more counts of attempted first-degree murder after police said he shot his pregnant girlfriend in the back after an argument.

Officers said Julius Fields, 18, was out on bond for attempted first-degree murder when he got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend in the car near Boxwood Street and Stovall Avenue on April 12.

The girlfriend’s stepmother said she was riding in the backseat of the car with Fields sitting on the passenger side and the girlfriend driving. The stepmother also said Fields and his girlfriend got into an argument about Fields carrying a gun inside of the vehicle.

The girlfriend then forced Fields to get out of the vehicle.

The stepmother said she then called Fields’ mother telling her where to pick him up. Fields’ mother then asked the stepmother and girlfriend to go back and pick Fields’ up because he is involved in a feud with a person in the neighborhood, according to court documents.

Officers said the girlfriend did not want to drive back to pick Fields’ up, but the stepmother convinced her to do so after getting into the driver’s seat with the girlfriend moving to the passenger seat.

The stepmother said she asked Fields to get back into the car after locating him on Stovall Avenue. MPD said Fields refused to get back into the car and told the stepmother that she had five seconds to drive away or he would start shooting.

The stepmother initially hesitated, and Fields pulled out a gun. She then sped off while Fields began firing shots at the back of the vehicle, according to police.

MPD said approximately three rounds struck the back of the vehicle with one hitting the front passenger seat headrest. The shot then exited the headrest and struck the girlfriend in the middle of her upper back. The stepmother was not injured.

The girlfriend was taken to the hospital in critical condition but was later downgraded to non-critical.

Fields has also been charged with possession of a firearm and domestic assault.