MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother and her two sons are in custody after being accused of fighting with police in Parkway Village.

According to police, Lakisha Shorter and her two sons, ages 14 and 16, assaulted officers shortly after a drive-by shooting that left two teenagers injured on Cochese near Getwell.

WREG spoke to the Shorter’s cousin, Roy Harris, who says the arrest of Shorter and her sons was a misunderstanding.

“She was trying to get her son to calm down. They didn’t have to do all that,” Harris said.

Harris says he was home with the family on Sunday evening when bullets from a black vehicle came flying through their window.

He says no one in the house was hit. However, the sons’ friends were victims of the shooting.

Harris says all of the teens had just finished hanging out. He says Shorter rushed home from work when she found out stray bullets landed in her home which is across the street from where the teens were shot.

Shortly after, police say Shorter called officers to her house due to a verbal disturbance between her and her sons. It’s unclear what the disturbance was about, but Harris says the teens were upset after learning their friends had been shot.

MPD says an officer tried speaking to one of the teens but he became irate causing the officer to call back up.

“They didn’t want to listen to what my cousin had to say,” Harris said.

MPD says when they tried to detain the teen, his brother attacked officers. Police reports say as both teens assaulted officers and Shorter joined the altercation and started pushing and swinging at officers.

However, Harris says his cousin was trying to mitigate the situation.

“When the policeman came in, they threw her on the ground and she was trying to get her other son off to make him go in the room,” Harris said.

Police say they were eventually able to detain all three family members by using the “minimal amount of force necessary”. Medical attention was reportedly provided to everyone involved. Harris says emotions were high after the shooting but the entire incident could’ve been avoided.

“Let’s get our children. Let’s get them together and let’s ask them questions because we don’t know what’s going on in their mind. If you don’t ask them, you don’t know,” Harris said.

Shorter and her sons have all been charged with six counts of assault on a first responder.

At this time, no arrests have been made in the shooting.