MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Parents are protesting after one mother claims her child was touched by another elementary school student while riding the school bus in a way the district calls “inappropriate touching”, but she says it was sexual assault.

In a statement, Bartlett City Schools told us they were aware of the mother’s concerns and “the incident in question has been investigated at every level” from school resource officers to the board attorne — even the superintendent is looking into the matter.

The district also said, “Unequivocally, Bartlett City Schools evidence does not support that a sexual assault took place.”

That was not what the mom, who we are choosing not to name, wanted to hear.

She staged a protest Monday on the sidewalk across from Bartlett City School’s district headquarters along Stage Road.

“It shouldn’t take a mother 31 days of coming to your building and calling to get in touch with you,” she said.

She is not alone. Another mother was protesting after she alleges her child was also touched in a way she calls sexual in nature. She is looking for more answers and accountability.

“You are the principal, so these kids belong to you at the end of the day until we pick them up,” she said.

Although small in numbers, the effort was enormous. In fact, the rain and the frigid temperatures stop these mothers from moving forward with what they call a campaign for change.

With those inside looking on, these mothers and a father say they will continue on indefinitely.   

Full statement from Bartlett City Schools:

“The district is aware of “the mother’s”  concerns and the incident in question has been investigated at every level of the district including the school SRO, the Chief of Student Services, the Board Attorney, and the Superintendent.

Unequivocally, Bartlett City Schools (BCS) evidence does not support that a sexual assault took place. The incident was referred to law enforcement for further investigation and follow-up if necessary. 

Although the district does not comment on student disciplinary matters, the incident was thoroughly investigated in accordance with district protocol, and discipline was issued in line with the BCS student code of conduct.”