MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Tipton County mother is searching for answers days after her 21-year-old daughter disappeared after going on a Memphis riverboat cruise. 

Wednesday marked day three of the search for Tamia Taylor, who was out celebrating her 21st birthday onboard the Island Queen Riverboat Cruise before she disappeared.

“I think that she went out with a group of people that maybe she thought was her friends, because Tamia always saw the good in people no matter what, to enjoy herself. And things took a turn for the worse,” said her mother Debra Taylor.

She is holding on to hope that her daughter is still out there.

“Something deep down inside of me tells me she is alive,” Debra said.

Memphis Riverboats took to Facebook expressing sympathy for the family but said a video shows Taylor was on the boat as it returned to the harbor. Debra said she believes that is true and thinks the people she was out with that night know exactly what happened to her. 

“Her cousin called and said he went down to meet her, and when he arrived he was told that Tamia was unable to be found. He asked them then, ‘What do you mean?’ The young lady then stated, ‘We do not know where she’s at,'” she said.

She suspects foul play was involved but right now, Memphis Police aren’t saying much. 

A police report states that Taylor texted her mother at 11:39 that night, saying she was on the boat, according to her mother. The cruise ended at 1:30 a.m., less than two hours later.

We did see investigators searching the area where the boat docked earlier Wednesday. When we asked, they said this is an ongoing investigation. 

While she waits for answers, Debra clings to her faith in God, that one way or another, everything will be okay. 

“Good or bad, he allowed me to have 21 years with her. He allowed me to borrow her for that short amount of time. She belongs to him. I have plenty of memories, so can’t nobody take that from me,” she said.

As police continue to search for answers, they are asking anyone who was onboard the Island Queen Booze Cruise Saturday night or anyone with any information to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.