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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mom is facing child abuse and drug charges Monday night after police say they found her sleeping in an auto parts store parking lot.

Memphis police said officers saw a car running in the AutoZone parking lot at the 4400 block of Summer Avenue early Monday morning. They came back later and noticed something was off: the car was still there.

Police found 24-year-old Chrissy Throneberry and a man sleeping in the front seat while her child was awake in the back seat, wearing only a t-shirt and jeans in the 36 degree weather.

That’s not all they found. Police also said they saw two glass crystal meth pipes in the driver’s side door and when Throneberry stood up so officers could arrest her, they saw a small plastic bag of meth laying on her seat.

The child was given to their grandfather and Throneberry was arrested.

Throneberry was charged with child abuse and neglect, methamphetamine possession felony, and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. She is expected in court on Tuesday.